Our Vision

The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. serves to create, inspire, assist, and support schools and organizations implement gardening programs and incorporate garden education to increase academic development, social/emotional development and sustainability awareness of all children.

Our Mission

The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. of New Jersey is a registered 501c3 organization dedicated to assisting schools and other associations in building school gardens, creating sustainable agriculture, and incorporating garden education to promote academic growth in children, health and wellness, and exposure to healthy, organic food so they can attain a connection between education and farming to support a sustainable lifestyle.


Who We Are

We are PASSIONATE about education and the environment.  We asked ourselves, “How can we invigorate learning while reconnecting children with the earth while helping to smash food insecurity?”  The answer was clear:  



Not only does a garden beautify a space, but it can also be utilized to teach children about the delicate balance between the ecosystem and the interdependence of Earth’s organisms while showing them how to grow their own healthy food.

But there’s a problem...

Gardens cost money to build and maintain. The good news, once established, it is possible to maintain for less. The not so great news? Too many school districts just don’t have the funding to support garden initiatives.

Here’s what we’re doing about it...

Our founder, Sonya Harris started the Bullock Children’s Garden, in Glassboro, NJ.  Within its first year, she won the first-ever Best in New Jersey Award from the NJ Department of Agriculture.  From there, the awards and recognition began rolling in along with requests from educators for help in creating garden spaces for children and youth.  As a way to repay the kindness of the hundreds of donors and volunteers from across the United States in building an educational garden for the children of Dorothy L. Bullock Elementary School, she became determined to pass on the good deed by helping other schools and organizations build/create gardens as well. This led her to create The Bullock Garden Project, Inc.

And here’s how it’s going to change the world...

Children need to have the opportunity to reconnect with nature while gaining valuable academic experiences. By helping schools and organizations build, maintain, and utilize gardens children of all backgrounds and needs gain access to free, healthy foods they have grown THEMSELVES. 

Want to see kids eat a bunch of fresh, raw veggies? Let them grow it!  


Garden education crosses all areas and levels of academia. You name it, you can teach it through garden-based learning. Gardens provide an amazing opportunity for hands-on, project-based learning for ALL children. Teaching children how to garden & the academics behind it can also lead to children who pursue future careers & hobbies in the green industry. Gardening in school can spark future gardeners, landscapers, sustainable engineers, biologists…you name it. It all starts with a seed, and as we say…


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